Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally A Break In The Clouds

It has rained here in Cincinnati since Tuesday evening. Yesterday it looked more like a fall day in October than a mid-summer day in July. The air turned cool and I even had to close a number of windows. Hopes were high that when we got up this morning summer would of returned. It wasn't in the cards for us. Finally at 2:30 this afternoon the sun peeked through the clouds. I grabbed my camera and got a few shots of these fantastic sunflowers. Nothing rivals the summer colors of sunflowers. I truly understand why Van Gogh painted so many different arrangements of the "sunflower" What they lack in aroma (once inside they have an unpleasant smell to me) is certainly outdone by their remarkable ability to present an almost unlimited range of yellows and golds.
I welcome their reminder of summer as the clouds return and the sky turns gray. Ah, to long for the hot, sunny days of summer!

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