Sunday, October 24, 2010

Your Type Of Art

              I recently brought home a number of pieces of art that I had loaned to my Chiropractor. She was moving to a new office and preferred that I move the art work myself. I got to thinking about the role art plays in different settings. For many of her clients the pieces I had selected for her office were calming and peaceful. I had hoped they would lend an air of relaxation which would help in preparing her clients for their visits. I have observed the close relationship between the type of art work and the business it resides in. Most doctors and dentist offices go for the calming effect. Many restaurants try to reinforce the type of restaurant they are; for example  I would never expect to see western art work in an Italian Bistro. 

            So , if businesses try to reinforce their niche, how do you go about selecting your Art? Is it related to your color theme?  Do you have a thing for flowers or landscapes?  Do you need for it to speak to you? I recently went shopping with a friend of mine. She was looking for a new rug and wall art. I knew, without a doubt, what type of pieces for her new home she would like. She has a very specific preference for art. If you know what you like, do you share this information with the sales person or artist? I watch people come through the studio every Final Friday looking at pieces of the different artist within our group, listening to the conversations around me, and seldom do I hear anyone express a particular preference for a specific theme. 

            As an artist, I of course want to sell and market my art. But an even more important personal goal is to develop a relationship with the person who enjoys my art. That task is made so much easier when I have gotten to know you and have a good understanding of the type of art you enjoy. 

            I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your comments.



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