Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Gray is Back

Kitty Hawk
South Carolina

There is a side of me that had hoped the snow would remain throughout the winter. I know the white stuff can be hard to get around in, but the wet, muddy, lifeless view out my window is certainly not a better option. This is when we all need to look inward to find that spark. The passion that keeps us alive, while all around us appears dead. For me that passion is my painting. I pulled out the photos and notes that I took this past summer in the Outer Banks and felt alive. Images of great past memories are always able to crank up the juices. It doesn't seem to matter in what way those images are stored. I spent some time this afternoon starting a few new pieces from my trip. I could almost hear the surf as it hit the beach and feel the salt as dried on my skin as I walked towards the pier.

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