Sunday, January 2, 2011

Like Giving Birth

I have spent quit a lot of time over the past two months thinking and planning for the upcoming year. I have a habit of looking at what went well and not so great during the past year and then deciding whether I can improve it or is it time to file it in Number 13 (trash). I have struggled with the idea of doing a monthly newsletter for the past year. I knew I should be doing one, but the challenge was what to write about. Of course my art, but not everyone cares to know how you work through your process. So what then? It finally occurred to me that most of my still lifes are focused on food. The things I like to eat, drink, cook with, or grow. If I like to use these fruits and vegetables, so do a lot of other people and maybe, just maybe, they would enjoy sharing the end result, the paintings, and the great meals or dishes that the fruits and vegetables end up in. After much thought and pushing and pulling;  "The Fine Art of Food"  is up and published for the first month. I started with my favorite fruit; Pears. I have included recipes and paintings of the "pears" I used. I hope you will stop by for a visit and stay long enough to try out some of the recipes. You can sign up to receive the monthly newsletter in your mail box by subscribing in the upper right box or the newsletter can be found at:  The Fine Art Of Food.

Have a Happy New Year.


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