Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"The Canal" a bright,fresh painting of a side canal in Venice by S. Frank

The Canal

6" x 8"
Oil on Museum Quality Canvas Panel


This is the second painting I have finished so far of a canal in Venice. It was interesting to find out that these canals were originally simple water ways between  over one hundred islands that make up todays romantic city of Venice.  The buildings originally used a type of stone below the water level that was resistant to the negative effects of the water and then the buildings were build with bricks above the water level. With the increasing sea level and flooding, the buildings are suffering even more. While there this past spring, work was being done in Saint Marks Square to raise the level. The large squares were being taken up and sand was added with the stones being replaced. They were rushing to complete the square before the official beginning of tourist season(April 1st).
For some fantastic views of Venice, check out the movie "The Tourist" . The shots of the Grand Canal are breath taking.

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