Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caught In The Middle, Help!!

I have been looking at the space I use as a studio (lucky enough to have a space set aside just for my painting) and have decided I have to get it better organized. Storage is a never ending problem. It's not that I don't have spaces for most of my stuff, it's that once I put it away I NEVER CAN FIND IT AGAIN.  The same thing occasionally happens in my classroom at school, then I'm really in trouble. You know, how you invariably need the stuff you cleaned up and now have no idea where you put it.  That's me!

OK, so I tried to get a better grip on why I'm this way. I mean, I teach science (supposedly the more organized side of the brain) and then go straight for my creative side( just got to do it!). There is a tug-o-war going on in there, and I feel like I'm caught in the middle. I have bought books (don't know where half of them are), attended seminars (came home with great enthusiasm) and still face the same problem. Any suggestions or ideas? I am ready for a change!

Enjoy This Day.

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