Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Voga alla Veneta

Watch the demo at vogadoc.org

All the world knows the image of the Venetian gondolier, but few people notice the unique style of rowing he /she uses to thread his gondola through narrow canals or propel it across the bacino and lagoon beyond: the voga alla veneta. Whether practiced for sport or leisure, it’s a vital activity that connects today’s Venice with its very origins.

Grit and Grazia is a documentary on the the unique rowing style that has propelled Venice through the centuries from its inception right to the present day and the women who are fighting to keep it a part of Venetian daily life. I hope you enjoy this documentary.I have watched it a couple of times and love watching the fluid movement as the gondolier guides its gondola through the lagoon.

Grit and Grazia

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saying Good-bye

                A little over sixteen years ago my son returned home from a trip around 2:00 am with an extremely small bundle of happiness. As they were leaving a Waffle House, in the dumpster in the parking lot he heard a small meow. What he found was a three and a half week old kitten, half of its lip cut off, filthy dirty and obviously thrown away for good. This is what he handed me that early morning and this small cat has been my companion since. In these past few months she became a constant shadow, sitting when I sit, sleeping when and where I sleep, always present for her morning meal when I enjoyed mine. This past Thursday I said good bye to my Maple. Over the years we have had many pets, but this small cat burrowed into my heart more than any other.
Maple this past summer!

Today we buried her, as we have all our other pets. As we were preparing her site, my neighbors came over with a gift, a Dwarf Japanese Maple Tree. It now sits in my garden as a constant reminder of the love and companionship my little friend gave to my family and myself. Each day as I glance upon it's graceful leaves I will be reminded of Maple, and the joy she brought to my life. Thank you so much Kelly and Jeff!


Murano, Island of Color and Sunshine

We finally made it to open water leaving the Grand Canal behind. The view from the back of the boat as we sped across the lagoon was completely breath taking.

Heading Across the Lagoon towards  Murano

We spent time at a glass factory and then wandered out to the main canal. The photo below was of a small walkway we meandered through to get out to the main canal to catch the Vaporetto back to Venice.

The colorful homes of Murano

It was down this small walkway that I was able to get a shot for the painting, "Sunshine".

Photo for the painting 

Oil on Museum Quality Canvas
Available at Art on the Levee Gallery

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the Doge's Palace and just relaxing and enjoying where we were, after all ,Venice isn't just any old city.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Traffic Jam Revisited

I was sorting through My photos from last springs trip to Venice and came upon a few more photos to add to the ones I posted on Saturday.  We had just left our hotel and were headed out to the Island of Murano to explore and enjoy the glass factory. Check out what we ran into just under the bridge.

The people on the bridge should of given us a clue.

Just a small traffic jam Venetian style.

Picking up speed and heading for open water.

It really is amazing that everyone is able to navigate their way through the canals. Some of them are really narrow. The training to become a gondolier is very rigorous and requires hours of practice.

If given a choice I would love to have to commute this way to work each day. This sure beats sitting in my car for hours getting no where. 

How is your commute to work each day? What is the best way you can think of to travel to work?

Hope to hear from you.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Venetian Architecture, roofs of Venice by S'anna

Spring 2011 in Venice

The architecture of Venice has an attraction to so many people. I think it is the combination of the water, age and style of the buildings. There is almost no place to build, so you don't stumble upon modern pieces jammed in-between the great antiquities. I am in particular fond of roofs and doors. The photo on the side was taken this past spring. I loved the deterioration and colors of the walls.

Up on the Roof
6 x 6
Oil on Museum Quality Canvas covered Panel

This is the first painting I have completed from the photo above. I love working with intense colors and adding that sense of age and deterioration. Using oils allows me to push and pull the paint to achieve those affects.

What's your favorite type of architecture?

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Paintings of Italy

This is my first video of many of the paintings I have completed so far from my Spring trip to Venice. I hope you enjoy them and will let me know what you think.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Venice Live

                         I really miss being in Venice and Italy. The internet makes staying in touch so easy. I found a good WebCam site connected to Venice. I love being able to check some of my favorite spots throughout the year. I hope you will enjoy.

A beautiful spring day!


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Traffic Jam Venetian Style, photos from the spring 2011 trip to Venice

Have you ever needed to get somewhere in a hurry, your already running late and of course this is when traffic not only slows down, but comes to a total stand still. We all have been there, right!. As I called to cancel my Doctors appointment, with windows opened, car exhaust fumes making me chock, I suddenly remembered a traffic jam from last spring.  No exhaust fumes, music being played on a guitar or mandolin filling the air and a feeling of ; "So what if I'm not going anywhere in a hurry."

Standing on Ponte S Moise

So when is it my turn?

Parking is always a problem.
I'll take this type of traffic jam any day.  It is the pace of life in Italy as a whole that I have missed so much and can't wait to get back to.  

Where is your favorite place? Have you been there recently?   I would love to hear from you.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Road Towards Town, a new landscape by S'anna

Road  Towards Town

8" x 6"
Oil on Stretched Canvas

Available at Art on the Levee 
Newport Ky.

There are all these small paths or roads that lead to these really small villages all over Italy. One of the joys I had when living there was following these roads, never knowing exactly where we would end up. 

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Golden Jar,a bright and warm painting by S'anna

Golden Jar
8" x 6"

Oil on Museum Quality Panel

Available at Art on the Levee Gallery
Newport, Ky

When I first saw this jar I was totally taken back by its colors. The play of the reds and greens against  the golden yellow, set the jar on fire in the cool shady location in the garden. It was totally unexpected.

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