Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saying Good-bye

                A little over sixteen years ago my son returned home from a trip around 2:00 am with an extremely small bundle of happiness. As they were leaving a Waffle House, in the dumpster in the parking lot he heard a small meow. What he found was a three and a half week old kitten, half of its lip cut off, filthy dirty and obviously thrown away for good. This is what he handed me that early morning and this small cat has been my companion since. In these past few months she became a constant shadow, sitting when I sit, sleeping when and where I sleep, always present for her morning meal when I enjoyed mine. This past Thursday I said good bye to my Maple. Over the years we have had many pets, but this small cat burrowed into my heart more than any other.
Maple this past summer!

Today we buried her, as we have all our other pets. As we were preparing her site, my neighbors came over with a gift, a Dwarf Japanese Maple Tree. It now sits in my garden as a constant reminder of the love and companionship my little friend gave to my family and myself. Each day as I glance upon it's graceful leaves I will be reminded of Maple, and the joy she brought to my life. Thank you so much Kelly and Jeff!


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