Friday, April 20, 2012

Traffic Jam Revisited

I was sorting through My photos from last springs trip to Venice and came upon a few more photos to add to the ones I posted on Saturday.  We had just left our hotel and were headed out to the Island of Murano to explore and enjoy the glass factory. Check out what we ran into just under the bridge.

The people on the bridge should of given us a clue.

Just a small traffic jam Venetian style.

Picking up speed and heading for open water.

It really is amazing that everyone is able to navigate their way through the canals. Some of them are really narrow. The training to become a gondolier is very rigorous and requires hours of practice.

If given a choice I would love to have to commute this way to work each day. This sure beats sitting in my car for hours getting no where. 

How is your commute to work each day? What is the best way you can think of to travel to work?

Hope to hear from you.

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