Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Venetian Architecture, roofs of Venice by S'anna

Spring 2011 in Venice

The architecture of Venice has an attraction to so many people. I think it is the combination of the water, age and style of the buildings. There is almost no place to build, so you don't stumble upon modern pieces jammed in-between the great antiquities. I am in particular fond of roofs and doors. The photo on the side was taken this past spring. I loved the deterioration and colors of the walls.

Up on the Roof
6 x 6
Oil on Museum Quality Canvas covered Panel

This is the first painting I have completed from the photo above. I love working with intense colors and adding that sense of age and deterioration. Using oils allows me to push and pull the paint to achieve those affects.

What's your favorite type of architecture?

Enjoy Life Now...
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