Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Voga alla Veneta

Watch the demo at vogadoc.org

All the world knows the image of the Venetian gondolier, but few people notice the unique style of rowing he /she uses to thread his gondola through narrow canals or propel it across the bacino and lagoon beyond: the voga alla veneta. Whether practiced for sport or leisure, it’s a vital activity that connects today’s Venice with its very origins.

Grit and Grazia is a documentary on the the unique rowing style that has propelled Venice through the centuries from its inception right to the present day and the women who are fighting to keep it a part of Venetian daily life. I hope you enjoy this documentary.I have watched it a couple of times and love watching the fluid movement as the gondolier guides its gondola through the lagoon.

Grit and Grazia

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