Friday, May 11, 2012

Chiesa Spirito Santo in the Dorsoduro section of Venice

Chiesa Spirito Santo

The church and its Augustinian convent were founded in 1483 by Maria Caroldo and rebuilt in 1506 to a design by Antonio Abbondi (known as Lo Scarpagnino). 

The door of the church

The church in art
Five watercolours by John Singer Sargent 1902-4 (see below) and one by his sister. The watercolour below was once owned by William James, son of William Sr and nephew of Henry, having been given it by Sargent's sister.

Painting of Chiesa Spirito Santo
I fell in love with the doors and windows of the old churches and buildings of Venice. This church sits right on the water in the Dorsduro section of Venice. Approaching from the water gives you a great view of the facade.

The painting of the door is almost finished and I should have it posted tomorrow.
I hope you will stop by and check it out. I worked it up in soft muted tones, which placed all the emphasis on the door itself.  

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