Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Different Kind of Painting

I have this process that I usually follow every spring.
You know, those jobs your not fond of, but it has to get done:
Clean up the leaves from winter.
Add compost and turn over the beds.
Plant new plants and hope for the best.
Clean up and treat Lawn Furniture.

Treated Unkindly

I'm sure you can tell from the photo above
I missed one job last summer and I'm positive you can guess which one.
Somehow, I never got around to taking care of the lawn furniture.
So this year I moved it up to a ,
"Have To Get Done Level"

Off  To a Good Start

I decided to darken them down a little this year
Maybe a little
too dark.
I'm sure the weather and sunlight will lighten them.

  Don't We Look Good!

I love the deep tone of the wood. 
So, in a few weeks I will complete the last step.
I use boiled Linseed Oil to protect the wood.
Considering that these two pieces are over thirteen years old 
I guess the process is working.
Now all I need to do is 
start the painting on the inside of the house.
Plus of course, find lots of time to work in the studio.

Enjoy Life Now...
It Has An Expiration Date

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