Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Intentions, putting them into reality!

I decided that this summer I would spend my time working in the studio. Usually I have great intentions to do just that, and then, get involved in other projects. By the time I return to school I have only a few paintings completed and find myself always rushed, trying to get things ready for the Holiday Shows and family, not to mention the daily demands of teaching.

Completed this Summer

With this goal in front of me I have set up a daily routine. I have committed five days a week to painting and working in the studio. These days can be any five of the week, just as long as there are five total. ( first week and a half so good). I want to spend no less than four hours a day actually painting.( this has not been a problem so far,find myself spending more time than this). Then at least three hours a day working on marketing, paper work, etc. This is where the trouble begins. I feel like I'm being pulled in many different directions. As soon as I sit down to the computer, time seems to fly. I need to;  yes, you can go ahead and scream, Create A List Of Priorities. Here is where the problem lies. What direction do I start in first? I need to:

  • Upload and post daily on my Blog (Art by S'anna)
  • Make sure I comment and post on Facebook and Page
  • Create a new Website (cancelled the old one, really bad)
  • Develop a data system for tracking paintings ; in galleries, at studio, sold, etc.
  • Write and send out Newsletter (very time consuming)
  • Add a whole lot more I haven't even thought of.

I am, as always, open to suggestions.

Enjoy Life Now...
It Has An Expiration Date

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