Monday, June 11, 2012

Leeks or Wild Garlic, that is the question?

The photo below shows the stalks with the flower bulb
getting ready to open.
Last year I had a full bed of these.
 I spread the seeds and now have hundreds 
of little plants that look like
small onions.

Before It Opens

It usually only takes a few days from
this stage for the little flower
bulb to start opening.
The tops always remind me of
little "fairy hats"

In one to two days the 
flower is completely opened and starts to turn
 a light shade of purple.

So the question is what are these? 
I recently saw them on another blog and they were 
called, "wild garlic"

Anybody out there have an answer? I would
like to know what I have growing in my Garden.

Enjoy Life Now...
It Has An Expiration Date

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