Monday, July 2, 2012

"Opened and Closed",a new brightly colored painting by S'anna

Brightly painted blue shuttered Italian country home
Oil on a Museum Quality Panel

I started working on this new painting on Sunday. It still needs
more work on the leaves on the wall and toning down 
the highlights on the shutters.
I'll hopefully get to work on this piece
sometime this evening.

I love having a studio in my home.
I can work on a painting at anytime of the 
day and not have to worry 
about driving all the way into town
in the middle of the night.

The only draw back seems to be the 
limitation as to the size of canvas or panel
I can work on at home. 

The larger canvases just don't work here, 
it's just to tight.

Enjoy Life Now...

It Has An Expiration Date

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