Saturday, July 7, 2012

Updated Photo of Italian Alley by S'anna

Oil Painting of traditional northern Italian village steps.
Italian Vicolo
Oil on Archival Panel 8 x 10"


This painting was originally posted on my page under subscriptions to my
email and newsletter.
 I had an opportunity to see it on someone else's computer
and realized how really "not great" it appeared.
So I reloaded it above.
It does look better, at least on my computer.

I have been doing a lot of small paintings recently
of Italian Alleys or Village scenes
in my studio in the house.
With temperatures hovering near 106 today, staying in my studio
 with the air-conditioning seems the smart way to go.

I hope you have enjoyed this painting(post) and that you will share
it with your friends and family.
I am trying to build a bigger audience for my work
and can only succeed with the help
of Friends like YOU.

Enjoy Life Now...

It Has An Expiration Date

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