Monday, August 13, 2012

Eden Park Water Tower, new painting by S'anna

The old brick water tower which stands above Eden Park is now a National Historic Landmark. The 172-foot-high brick water tower was built in 1894, and continued to be used until 1912. The tower is now a communications facility for the city.
Designed by Samuel Hannaford & Sons in the Romanesque Revival style, the structure consists of a cylindrical water tank and an adjoining taller octagonal turret.
Eden Park Water Tower
10 x 8
 Oil on Museum Quality Panel

I started working on my third painting in the Cincinnati Structural Series. This old water tower is just as beautiful today as it was when it was originally built. I love the angles to the turret and the overall shape. Light reflects and refracts off of it in really neat ways.

I hope you will stop back tomorrow and see how this painting is coming along.

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