Monday, August 6, 2012

Italian Alleyway by S'anna

Italian Alley Framed Print By Suzzanna Frank

Italian Alleyway
Fine Art Print

In yesterdays post we discussed the first of the three main enemies to the longevity of your new print. Today we will look at the last two.

The environment in which you keep your print is important. The contact between excessive moisture (such as in the kitchen or bathroom) with the cellulose of the paper will create the perfect environment for the growth of mold. This will produce what is called "foxing" (small brown spots) and will need to be removed by a professional. Lack of moisture can also become a problem. It will cause the paper to become brittle and crack affecting your prints appearance and value. With this in mind it is best to provide your print with a stable environment. Ensure the lack of extreme changes in temperature and moisture.
Today almost all prints are done on neutral-ph paper. For this reason, any time your print comes in contact with acidic paper pulp, such as a cardboard backing or an acidic mat, it will be susceptible to damage. Staining, as a result of the acid transferring to your print will occur. To prevent this from happening use only acid-free, 100% archival-quality, or conservation paper or material. 
The materials needed to follow the suggestions mentioned in this article are available at any establishment that provides framing supplies. These simple suggestions will help ensure that your print will be around for many years of enjoyment.
I hope this information has been helpful.

Enjoy Life Now...

It Has An Expiration Date

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