Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pumping Station At Eden Park,a bright new painting by S'anna

oil painting of the pumping station at Eden Park
Old Pumping Station
Eden Park
This is the fourth painting in my "Structures of Cincinnati" series. I was able to find some pictures of the old reservoir at Queens City Survey.  There were 2 reservoirs built in Eden Park. The first one was completed in 1872, with second one in 1878. The lower reservoir was demolished in 1962.  The Upper Reservoir was rebuilt and now is under Mirror Lake. The remaims of the old walls of the lower reservoir are used by many for rock climbing.

A new series of prints and note cards will be available at the September Final Friday. All four original pieces will be available for viewing this Friday 8/31 from 6 to 10pm in Studio 803A at the Pendleton Art Center.

Looking forward to seeing you, why not bring a friend.

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