Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Montecatini Alto, a warm, golden painting by S'anna

oil painting of an older Tuscan Village
Beginning  work on a new painting

Montecatini Alto 
(also known as Montecatini Val di Nievole) 
is situated on the hill above one of the largest spas in italy,Montecatini Terme. 
The spa town of Montecatini is mainly mordern 
with many of its buildings dating from 1919.  
Montecatini Alto, on the other hand, is typical of many Tuscan towns,
 where successive generations of architecture have been added. 
The old town of Montecatini was built 
clustered around the twelfth century church of San Niccoli.
(seen slightly left of center in the painting). 
This older town is only about 4 kilometers from 
another well known spa at
Monsummano Terme.

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