Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Morning Mist, a new oil painting by S'anna

The weather this winter has been very strange here in Cincinnati. Last Thursday we're running around with no jackets, enjoying the 60 degree temperatures and on Friday we needed to be wearing wool coats, hats and gloves. This constant up and down temperature has caused a lot of morning mist and frost. The photo below was taken from on top of my hill, right before we lost the last of the Fall leaves. This angle looks across to Fort Thomas. You can barely see the water tower just above the mist.

Original photo from top of the hill near the car.

The pinks and rose colors were so clear that morning. The sun was out and glowing brightly on the Fall foliage, while the mist in the valley had yet to burn off. It is this great contrast, that always makes for such interesting pieces.

This is a photo of the work in progress.

Morning Mist in Progress

The contrast of the Fall reds, oranges and yellows plays off so well next to the soft, muted pinks of the mist. I was glad to finish this piece and I'm now thinking about doing a larger version of it. 

Morning Mist, an oil painting of the sun burning off the morning mist.
Morning Mist
8"x 10"
Oil on Museum Quality Panel
This is the final painting and will be at Studio 803A for the upcoming Final Friday, on February 22nd.

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