Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting Ready!

                   In 57 days I will be leaving the Ohio River Valley and heading out West. We land in Denver, travel southward through the Rockies, Canyons in Utah, of course the "Grand Canyon" and depart from Vegas.  I have wanted to take this trip for years and am totally stoked about the idea of finally getting to go. The last time I took a trip within the borders of the good old US of A I decided I would bring my basic supplies (I paint mainly in Oils) with me and get in some quick, basic sketches for later use as reference material in the studio. This turned into a nightmare. First of all, oils and sand do not mix well, but most importantly, there was just way too much to haul around. So I've been looking for an alternative way to get in basic, quick, sketches in color, to use after I return.  I think I have found my niche. Simple water color sketches, limited supplies needed, totally able to take on the plane. Traveling with oils now requires a binder full of MSDS sheets for the paints, not to mention the restrictions on size and fluids. So this seems like a great idea, except for one, tiny, hiccup; I haven't been very successful  painting with watercolors in the past. With this in mind, I decided to start a journal and paint everyday using the watercolors and the type of paper I'll take with me. I have been at this now for  3 days.
Small pot of Lavender in water color
Day One
Small Pot of Lavender

I just keep reminding myself:  "If you don't succeed at first, try,try again".

Enjoy Life Now...

It Has An Expiration Date

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