Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meandering, a Bright and Colorful Sunset by S'anna

            Often times people will ask , "How Long does it take to complete a specific painting", and when I tell them, they are almost always surprised. Many people don't realize the amount of preliminary work that is involved before that first brush stroke caresses the canvas. I started a new piece last week. The first step was to sort through my sketches and photos, looking for the right cloud formations. Then came the preliminary sketches, working out the color combinations. Below is a photo of one of two sketches I decided to work from. The other sketch will be used for the second canvas.

Small flooded creek meandering through the grasses
8 x 10 preliminary sketch

This 8 x 10 sketch is what I started with on Saturday in the studio. The final piece will consist of two 16 x 20 gallery canvases set side by side. I find that working out my color combinations before hand frees me up to focus on the composition of the final piece. I have added the work that was completed this past Saturday in the photo below.

Hopefully I'll be back in the studio on Wednesday, it appears today is being dedicated to household plumbing problems. I hope you'll check in on the progress of this piece. Till  tomorrow.

Enjoy Life Now...

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