Saturday, August 31, 2013

Along For The Journey

Tomorrow is the first day of September and for those of us here in Cincinnati, that means the fireworks display on the river. The great reds, yellows and oranges, exploding over head. I am always  in awe of this display, maybe that is why I love to paint natures fireworks display that is so vivid and bright in the Fall.  The painting below is my interpretation of natures evening fireworks display as the sun sets out my eighth floor studio window. This is the type of display I am looking forward too, as we head to the Canyons  of Utah. I hope you will join me on this trip. I'll be sharing photos and watercolor sketches of the days discoveries on my blog. I am sure, some of natures great works are waiting for us. Only six more days till we head out for our first stop; Denver.
To check whats happening at each stop, join us at:  I am so looking forward to sharing this great trip with you.

At by S'anna
Suzzanna Frank

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meandering, updated.

Managed to back over to the studio for about two hours this morning. I am so enjoying the ability to move around in the studio and being able to work on lager pieces without bumping into everything around me. Below is a photo of the new piece, "Meandering" , and  the progress I was able to complete.

I hope you will check back in and see tomorrow's update.

Art by S'anna

Suzzanna Frank

Meandering, end of the week update

Working on the river on Friday, setting in those areas where the water washes up gently, pulling away a little bit of the soil as the water moves on by. As a child we always went with our dad to a particular place along the Licking River to fish. I can remember the changes that slowly took place over all those years of fishing and how the river slowly changed. I'll be out of the studio for the weekend (canning vegetables and jam), but plan to be back in Monday morning.  I hoped to finish this piece next week and get it ready to hang for the upcoming Final Friday.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

Art by S'anna
Suzzanna Frank

Arrival of Fall

I have noticed over the past few days a definite change in the weather and behavior of the animals that frequent my garden.These changes usually coincide with teachers and students returning to the 
classroom. In the past few days I have noticed the Yellowjackets beginning to swarm around a nest I did not know existed. As I watch the yellow finches feeding seed from my dying purple coneflowers I got to thinking about all the indicators that Fall was on its way. 
I decided to put together my list of changes that tells me Fall in definitely coming, even thought the temperatures are going back up into the upper eighties next week.

1. New drivers of Yellow School Buses trying to figure out their new route for the year.
2. Stores running Back To School ads.
3. Favorite Summer flowers going to seed.
4. Bumper crop of Summer Squash and tiring to figure out what to do with it.
5. Morning drive to work taking even longer, now that the children are going back to school.
6. Morning Fog and dew on the plants.
7. A cool crispness to the air causing one to reach for a sweater.
8. The smell of wood burning.
9. The never ending job of raking falling leaves.

These are only a few of mine, I hope you'll share some of your favorites with us.

Art by S'anna

Suzzanna Frank

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Meandering,a Bright and Colorful Sunset by S'anna

I was able to spend about two hours in the
Studio his afternoon working on these paired pieces.  
I like the way they are coming together. Hopefully I'll  be Able to get back to
The studio tomorrow for some work.

Till then 

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