Saturday, August 31, 2013

Along For The Journey

Tomorrow is the first day of September and for those of us here in Cincinnati, that means the fireworks display on the river. The great reds, yellows and oranges, exploding over head. I am always  in awe of this display, maybe that is why I love to paint natures fireworks display that is so vivid and bright in the Fall.  The painting below is my interpretation of natures evening fireworks display as the sun sets out my eighth floor studio window. This is the type of display I am looking forward too, as we head to the Canyons  of Utah. I hope you will join me on this trip. I'll be sharing photos and watercolor sketches of the days discoveries on my blog. I am sure, some of natures great works are waiting for us. Only six more days till we head out for our first stop; Denver.
To check whats happening at each stop, join us at:  I am so looking forward to sharing this great trip with you.

At by S'anna
Suzzanna Frank

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