Monday, September 23, 2013

Monument Valley

Out of all the places we visited in the past two weeks, this has to be  one of my favorites. I'm not sure whether it was the vastness or the sheer beauty. Either way, I am ready to go back for another visit. 

This was taken in the afternoon when we first arrived, we were lucky enough to take a  jeep/truck ride out into the desert to get closer to the monuments.  When we returned in the evening, the sky was filled with more stars than I have ever seen before.

This was taken from our balcony at sunrise. The angle is different, but they are of the same monuments.  If you look very close you can see the road we took the evening before.

The sun is up and a new day had begun.  It wasn't long after this shot that we were on the road again.

These three monuments are in the first two paintings of our trip, Hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow.

Till later

Art by S'anna

Suzzanna Frank

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Arches National Park, a very wet day two!,

Dear Friend

Day Two

To was a soaker. The photo below shows what  we drove through to get to Arches National Park. The hope was for the rain to stop, not so lucky.

You can tell from the water fall that this arid desert region has had a lot of rain. The Colorado River is the lowest it has been in recorded history.  The locals we have spoke to ,tell us that they usually get about seven inches of rain a year, They already had gotten four early in the year. The last two days have certainly but them over the top.

This second picture is of one of the many waterfalls that are all over the rock formations. They are all flowing into the Colorado River which is certainly up.

Tomorrow we head for monument National Park after an early morning hike to Spruce Tree House in Mesa Verda.  Heavy storms and rain is predicted through Friday.  
Till later

Suzzanna Frank

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Travel Journaling, a Journey To The Southwest

Hello Friend,
I started a number of years ago to keep small journals of my trips and outings. At first I would  write down all the little things that I had done during the day. My first thought was , that is fine, but  really boring. I then started to look into ways to add a little extra into my journals. The obvious answer for me was to incorporate my art work. Problem solved! I just lugged around all my oils as I traveled from place to place. Ok, I hear you already, my kids lugged around all my oils and stuff. Adding paintings and photographs helped, but it just was'nt convenient. Fast forward to my upcoming Journey. I have been Introduced to the world of watercolor journaling. I find this to be easy and fun. You have to understand that watercolors are not a medium I am use to working in , but this summer has been fun. I have spent a few weeks becoming comfortable with this whole process. As I have worked with them,I have realized that the process of journaling doesn't require you to be an expert. The whole idea is to have fun on your Journey.

                                      Hardboard Watercolor Journal

This is one of the journals I have used this summer. I like that it is hard bound and that the paper is cut for a landscape. It is light weight, which makes it easy to carry around. I enjoyed working with it so much that in preparation for  my Journey to the Southwest I am giving away this journal. All you have to do is go to my Facebook Page; Art By S'anna and register. 

While your on my page go ahead and Join My List. so you  will receive all my 
upcoming specials from our Journey to the Southwest.

If you have a friend who needs some FUN in their lives, share this post and
 encourage them to have a  great time playing in the watercolors and traveling 
along with us to the Southwest---after all everybody needs a little fun.

Thank you for letting me visit you today, we're only 24 hours away from the beginning 
of our journey.

Suzzanna Frank

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Three Days Left

Hello Friends,

As we head out to the airport this Saturday my favorite watercolor set will be securely buried in my carry-on bag. A few years ago my children and I took a family journey to the outer banks. I was determined to paint while I was there,and in order to get around the airline restrictions on oil paints I ended up mailing most of my gear to myself. This is  such a fantastically easier way. This  little set measures only 5x2x1, but it truely is a powerhouse. The colors in this set are so rich and deep, just what I 'll need to capture the great reds, rusts and  blues of the American Southwest. 

Only three more days till we head out. I hope you are as excited as I am and  have signed-up for each days adventures. Just click the email button on the sidebar on my blog :

Thank you for letting me visit with you today.

Enjoy life now....

It Has An Expiration Date

Suzzanna Frank

PS. When I first started looking for this set, I had a little trouble finding it. For this reason I have it available on my blog at S'anna Recommends.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Journey Out West

The watercolors are packed along with a great new journal.  Already made the arrangements for transportation to the airport.  Final check on flight times and we'll be ready to go.  I've been checking on the. Temperature  in Moab, which is where we'll spend the first two days. At noon today the temp. Was 81F with a high expected to reach 90F. We'll spend our first night along the Colorado river, with a planned visit to Canyonlands National Park the next day.

I'll be posting photos and watercolor sketches of the days exciting activities. I hope you'll sign up for the daily blog post and newsletter. Just click email button on the right and you will be ready for our great Journey Out West

Thank you for letting me visit with you today. I hope you are as excited as I am about our upcoming journey.

Enjoy life now....

It Has An Expiration Date

Suzzanna Frank

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