Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Arches National Park, a very wet day two!,

Dear Friend

Day Two

To was a soaker. The photo below shows what  we drove through to get to Arches National Park. The hope was for the rain to stop, not so lucky.

You can tell from the water fall that this arid desert region has had a lot of rain. The Colorado River is the lowest it has been in recorded history.  The locals we have spoke to ,tell us that they usually get about seven inches of rain a year, They already had gotten four early in the year. The last two days have certainly but them over the top.

This second picture is of one of the many waterfalls that are all over the rock formations. They are all flowing into the Colorado River which is certainly up.

Tomorrow we head for monument National Park after an early morning hike to Spruce Tree House in Mesa Verda.  Heavy storms and rain is predicted through Friday.  
Till later

Suzzanna Frank

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