Monday, September 23, 2013

Monument Valley

Out of all the places we visited in the past two weeks, this has to be  one of my favorites. I'm not sure whether it was the vastness or the sheer beauty. Either way, I am ready to go back for another visit. 

This was taken in the afternoon when we first arrived, we were lucky enough to take a  jeep/truck ride out into the desert to get closer to the monuments.  When we returned in the evening, the sky was filled with more stars than I have ever seen before.

This was taken from our balcony at sunrise. The angle is different, but they are of the same monuments.  If you look very close you can see the road we took the evening before.

The sun is up and a new day had begun.  It wasn't long after this shot that we were on the road again.

These three monuments are in the first two paintings of our trip, Hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow.

Till later

Art by S'anna

Suzzanna Frank

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