Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coral Sunset, bright new painting by S'anna

This is the original painting that I post a while back. These color combinations require significant amount of dry time inbetween each application. If your not really careful you'll end up with green or mud with so much yellow and blue. So, for this reason I had to wait and let things set up a little.

The painting is now completed and framed. The picture below is of the final piece.

Coral Sunset
24 x 30
Oil on Stretched Canvas

The final painting is full of some of my favorite colors. I have so enjoyed working on this new series of sunrises and sunsets, it sometimes seems difficult to head down another path. I feel like there will be more to come.

I hope you are enjoying the sky where ever you live and that you will take a moment to look up and check out the beauty above you.

Till Later

Suzzanna Frank

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sky on Fire 2

This is a new painting that was started this afternoon. I have not done this color combination in a while. The Orange/Coral  of a great setting sun is so great together. I hope to be back tomorrow afternoon and get back to this piece. I frequently work on more than one painting at a time because of the need for the odors to dry in between layers. The other painting  that I hope will be setup by tomorrow is pictured below.

I am so enjoying these new sky pieces. 

Enjoy Life

It Has An Expiration Date

PS:  I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you will share
it with your friends and family.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Using Leftover Pasta

When we lived in southern Italy there was always left over pasta. My friend Ellena use to make a frittata out of it for a late night supper. You have to remember that the big meal of the day was eaten around 1:30-2:00. A short break from work and then back around 6-7:00 depending on the time of the year. My daughter Shawn and I were just discussing how to make these the other day. Well, last night was spaghetti night and I had a bag full of left over pasta. Below is the frittata I made for lunch.

I started with an onion fried in a little Olive Oil till translucent, don't let it burn.  I had dried tomatoes from the garden this summer and set them to soak In a bowl of warm water.

Next I whipped up 5 eggs and added the chopped up spaghetti from last night.

When the onion was ready I mixed the eggs and the pasta together. Poured this mixture over the onions and topped it off with the tomatoes,salt and pepper and dried basil from the garden.  Let it cook on low till it was set up.

I covered the pan with a plate and inverted it. Flipped the frittata and let it continue to cook for a few more minutes.  The final frittata was served on a plate with a light sprinkling of grated cheese.

A perfect lunch with plenty left  over for this evening. A little salad and dinner will be ready to go.

If you have made something like this, I would love to try other recipes.

Till Later

Suzzanna Frank

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