Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coral Sunset, bright new painting by S'anna

This is the original painting that I post a while back. These color combinations require significant amount of dry time inbetween each application. If your not really careful you'll end up with green or mud with so much yellow and blue. So, for this reason I had to wait and let things set up a little.

The painting is now completed and framed. The picture below is of the final piece.

Coral Sunset
24 x 30
Oil on Stretched Canvas

The final painting is full of some of my favorite colors. I have so enjoyed working on this new series of sunrises and sunsets, it sometimes seems difficult to head down another path. I feel like there will be more to come.

I hope you are enjoying the sky where ever you live and that you will take a moment to look up and check out the beauty above you.

Till Later

Suzzanna Frank

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