Thursday, February 13, 2014

Looking West #4

This is the fourth sunset in the new series; Local Sunset.  This was also from the hill overlooking Covington.  I have really enjoyed working in these four pieces. I'll let the oil setup. Little this evening ang go back to this piece to add the final touches in the morning.

I have been staying close to home this week in order to pay special attention to my newest family member. On Saturday I was able to pick up Sherry. (Special Thanks to my neighbor for driving)

Sherry is a little more than five years old. She was posted on Petfinder and that adorable face said come and get me. We are adapting to each other and having a great time doing it. She is fine with me painting in the dinning room but she can't see me from her perch on the couch when I'm in the studio. Every couple of minutes she is up checking on me, so.the dinning room table has been cleared off this week just for her.

Hope you are staying warm and dry.

Suzzanna Frank

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