Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moving Forward...A New Place

Sometimes it seems that life throws us problems, sometimes full blown assaults. You lose the momentum to move in any direction. you are simply STUCK. As an old physics teacher I realize that the amount of force needed to overcome inertia is much great than that which is needed to keep an object in motion, continuing down the same path and in the same direction. I believe this also applies to the emotional movement of an individual. We should realize that it takes time to heal. There will be days that motion simply is not occurring. You need to give into this part of the process, it is necessary for the healing to begin or continue. On those days that you feel as if life is starting to move forward, enjoy it. Allow the forward motion to take you to your new place. So many well intentioned people will try to take you back to where you were. A return to before the pain and anguish. There is no way to go back to; Before. You must now try to fnd a here and now with the pain, yes, but most importantly the cherished memories of the life that has moved on. I made it back into the studio this week, all around are memories of my daughter. The paintings she liked, her pushing me back into landscapes and skyscapes, talking me into letting go of the still life's and a return to the nature I love. The paintings below are a few of the last pieces I worked on before her passing. Yesterday I started framing them and getting them ready, for this months Final Friday. For me, this is a first step in the direction of my new tomorrow's, a part of the healing process, at times painful, but still a moving forward.
Burnished Sky

A Sense Of Calm

Saying Goodnight

Yellow/Red Sky

Till Later

Suzzanna Frank

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