Friday, May 1, 2015

TEXTURE...When Is It Too Much?

The three photos below were taken in the studio late yesterday. I have been working in acrylics a lot in the past few months, especially leaning towards abstract pieces. Yesterday I started my experiment working with adding a light film of plaster to the canvas before painting. The first two photos of the piece "Raspberry Parfait" was painted over a light film of plaster. As I worked through the piece I liked the subtle texture picking up small amounts of contrasting paint.

The last photo was painted over a heavier coating of plaster. When I first started to apply the paint it looked like I was going over tree bark. Kind of neat, but got lost in the additional layers of paint. My goal is to go back and try the heavy coating again, but focus on less paint. Will see how it all turns out. Today I'll be working in the new studio,starting to clean it and get ready for painting.

Have a great weekend.

Suzzanna Frank

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