Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hard to Believe it Has Been Over a Month

Back in the middle of May I announced my next new challenge....a Daily Abstract Oil Painting. Since that time I have painted a small daily abstract Monday-Friday every week. The photo of my Gallery on Daily Paintworks below shows most of the recent pieces. 

I have tried a number of times to do this challenge and quite frankly failed. It was always easy to get started for those first few days, then life kicked in and oh how easy it was to make excuses not to be able to paint that day. This time has been different and this past week while canning 50lbs. of peaches, working on a large painting in the studio and cleaning up for Final Friday I was determined to paint and not make excuses. I have spent a little time trying to figure out WHY. I believe that the underling reason is applicable to many of Life's situations.

The first major change has been the subject matter...I switched from still life's and landscapes to abstracts.  There was a reason for this switch and I will have to say it is working. I needed to loosen up my brush strokes  and to explore the relationship between companion colors. I was pretty sure that working each day on a new abstract and not wanting to spend forever on it would force me to take a loser, freer approach to my painting,and it has. 
Secondly, there are thousands of books that have been written on Color Theory and they were always a good resource, but after years of teaching science using a Hands-on approach, I knew that personal trial and error would be the most beneficial
Thirdly, and probably most importantly...I'm having a blast doing these abstracts. Working on these abstracts has brought fun back into my job. I do approach my painting as my other words WORK. I spend on average 9-10 hours a day actively involved in painting,marketing, other words-Work. I wish someone had told me 30 plus years ago that what I did for Work could be fun...I believe I would of made changes. 

Find something you love doing, something you enjoy and your definition of WORK will change.

Life Has An Expiration Date

Suzzanna Frank

Daily Abstracts...New Challenge

Artist are always try to improve their art. They work with each other, take workshops, sign up for classes all hoping to improve their own style while learning a few new insights. One of the things that all experienced artist tell you is to paint..keep painting, over and over. In recent years many artist have turned to completing a Daily Painting. Many work in still life's or plein air using a small canvas or panel. I have set a New Challenge and that is to complete a small 4"x4" painting five days a week(house needs to be cleaned and garden weeded)  These original paintings will be done in oil on a canvas panel, mounted in a frame. They will be posted on my Facebook page as well as in my Etsy Shop.the photo below is a composite of the five paintings from the first week.
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