Thursday, July 23, 2015

Changes Are A Good Thing!!!

I have been working on a few new changes in the studio this week. First, I have been using new paints for the week. Traditional Oil Paints  take a long time to dry and cause down time from one layer to the next. A fellow artist shared some Griffin Alkyd Oil Paints with me. They significantly speed up the drying time, which is great. The picture below is of a new painting which I started onTuesday.
First Day's Work

When I returned to the studio today I was able to work on the painting and make a number of changes.
Day Two

The quick drying allows multiple layers of paint to be placed over each other without mixing the paints into one big mess. 

The second change is the use of a new rubber tool which is similar to some old wood tools used in throwing pottery. It is semi-soft and smooths the paint. 

I hope you'll check back later this week and see how things are progressing.

Suzzanna Frank
Studio 606
Pendleton Art Center

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