Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year-New Beginning

As many of you know I began 2015 with a challenge. I had never worked in acrylics and decided the best wat to learn was to dive right in. Twelve months later , a new year and a new beginning. I have been doing a daily abstract for the past eight months. There have been a lot of challenges with the daily pieces. First I was working in oils, which take forever to dry and process. Secondly I found the extremely small surface area very restrictive, and limiting brush movement. For these two primary reasons I am headed down a slightly different road. I am shifting to 8"X 10" canvases to gain a little more space and,for January at least, I'll be working in acrylics and additional material. This will allow me to occasionally incorporate the plaster from my Plaster Painting Classes. The two paintings below are the first two I completed in oils. They are very wet with thick paint and will take awhile to dry. I have switched to acrylics and the paintings for the rest of the month will be in acrylics. 

I hope you will join me on this journey as I travel down a new path. Thank you for letting me visit with you today.


Suzzanna Frank

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