Sunday, February 14, 2016

Spring Cleaning

When I was younger the tradition was to Spring Clean. I dreaded it, knowing that we would have to clean out everything. Not a spot in our home would be left untouched.  As an adult I can totally appreciate the idea behind the "Spring Cleaning". Things that haven't been used in awhile gets cleaned up and sent to one of the many charities that will get it to someone who can and will use it. Garbage, well let's just say my one can gets pretty full. The best part is what you have left.  It feels like a breath of "fresh air" has invaded every nook and cranny, and one can breath again.
When I retired, almost three years ago, I turned my energy towards my painting. It wasn't long before I looked around the studio and realized it had become very confining and small. The same thing had happened in my studio...time for a good "Spring Cleaning". I have embraced today's technology and applied many aspects of it towards the day-to-day functioning of my painting life.  Very quickly it has become a time consuming monster that has consumed more time and energy than I could of ever expected. I realize in this age of technology, there will always be something new that one should embrace in order to become successful. There comes a point where one needs to "Spring Clean". This process of consolidating, eliminating and changing, is in itself, a time consuming endeavor that will hopefully create a breath of Fresh Air. As the frigid air swarms down from the North, bringing with it snow and frigid winds Sherry and I are happily embracing this challenge. The kitchen is stocked with plenty of coffee, chocolate and green beans(those are Sherry's), ready to see us through the long haul. Knowing at the other end we will find a more workable, hopefully, less time consuming technological  bundle.

See you on the other end.


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