Friday, February 26, 2016

Working Through The Layers

As I began working on the the pink piece, I started with shapes and rapid movements of the brush on the canvas. This layer was followed by a thin glaze, a color-coating thin enough to see through, but still covering or almost hiding what was already on the canvas. More shapes and rapid brush strokes, representing other paintings long ago completed or memories of the past, were applied to the canvas, creating another layer. This again was followed be a transparent layer of glaze. In the end, I have lost count of how many total layers are on each piece. This process of layers coated by a thin glaze is what gave way to the name of this new collection of work; Working Through The Layers. There simply came a time when I knew the painting was finished. The astonishing part that struck me as I looked deeply into all of the layers, was that the sum of all these layers was so much less than the whole that they had created. Each of us have accumulated years of experiences, emotions, joy and pain, yet put them altogether and the person that has been created is so much greater than the total of all of those parts of the past. What is created:US

 I hope you will have a chance to come by this evening and look through the layers of the two new pieces and see what you can find.

Sanna Art
Studio 606
Pendleton Art Center

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