Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Start the work week on a Happy Note.

I don't know how you handle enormous problems or difficulties, but my usual routine is to take it for a few days and then the reality of the situation sinks in and all ____ breaks loose. So today as I work through an enormous hurdle to my everyday life I have started my day by jotting down all the things that make me Happy. 

* my little Sherry smiling up at me.
* the flowers in the yard that are growing (not as fast as the weeds)
* family and friends who are here helping me get around.
* artist from the PAC who have contacted me
* the beat of my favorite music

You get the idea. No matter how horrible the situation seems, there are always things still happening in your life that will bring a smile and a sense of being OK. 

I hope you will share some of the things that make you Feel Happy.

Have a great start to your week. 


    Sherry making sure it's OK

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