Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Process of Exploration

“I realized that I did not really know who I was as an artist.  My work had always been subject to the needs of outside demands – for sale, for a commercial product, or as instructional examples –  and I wanted to know what happened if I just made art as a personal inquiry. I still want to know, and it is that ongoing quest that keeps me motivated”.

One of the biggest differences I have observed since retiring from a full time teaching position(in science) is my ability to explore my making of art. I love the idea that Jane Davies shares. Instead of always creating art to sell, to please a specific client, what would happen if you created art as a process of exploration. There is so much out there just begging to be examined, tried and used. Starting at the beginning of September I will start a new 30 pieces in 30 days challenge. Let the process of exploration begin.

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