About Me

Well, a little about me. The unusual spelling of my first name (double a's, n's, and z's) was my fathers idea. Thank's dad! I live in Newport Kentucky which is right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio,USA. I grew up in Kentucky, and like many of my generation moved away from the small farming town as soon as I could. Moved to other states for awhile, ended up in Italy and Egypt and found myself returning to that small town 26 years ago and loving it. I still love to travel and go whenever I can.
     I was always into things growing up: sewing, clay work, pottery, building stuff; you get the idea. About 10 years ago I picked up a  brush and have been painting ever since.  After I had been painting for I while I got up enough nerve to let people, besides my immediate family, know what I was doing. Once you start showing your work the labels start to get thrown around. I questioned whether I was an "artist". It dawned on me one day that I didn't need to worry about the label, "artist". What I had come to realize was that my label was , "passion". It is that constant drive to express the way life makes me feel through my art. I want to pass on to the observer of my work that fantastic feeling of "living life" that I so often experience. I try to  pass on the feeling through my work. My tool, COLOR. My son use to tell me when I first started to paint that" I needed to use more color " I couldn't agree with him more. 
     Writing about yourself  like this is very difficult (at least for me). If there is anything else you would like to know, I'll try to answer. I hope you enjoy my work and I would  love to hear from you.
As Always

Suzzanna Frank
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